Checklist: Interface Design

Get up and running with web design and mobile design inside Figma. In no time.


  1. Create an account in Figma.

  1. Copy the contents of this page into your own Figma file. It's a skeleton structure made for 3-page figma files (the unpaid version only allows you to create 3 pages.

  1. Explore community pages.

  1. Copy something that you find interesting.

1. MVP description

x, y, and z will be displayed.

Reason: 1, 2 and 3

2. Designs

-> Breadboarding

Figure 1: On the left hand side, "Places" and "affordances" are listed. The grey screens on the right are low fidelity (lo fi) visualisations of the material of the "Places" and "affordances".

-> Low fidelity designs

-> High fidelity designs

3. Glossary of Terms:

Term :

  • Definition:

  • Example:

Ship products.
Effectively. Ethically.

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