Embracing the circular economy in an app


Nexer Group


UX & UI Designer






As the geographical nucleus hosting Volvo On Demand and Lynk & Co, the residents in and around Gothenburg are familiar with the dynamics of the sharing economy. This application serves as a credible platform for Nexer employees, enabling them to both borrow and lend equipment seamlessly. RentIt, a novel product poised for internal launch within Nexer Group, is tailored exclusively for its employees, ushering in the circular market paradigm to their doorstep. The core team characterizes it as an application amalgamating the finest attributes of Hygglo, Airbnb, and Blocket/Tradera. The application intricately connects users with a spectrum of items, including household commodities, automobiles, tools, and home hardware. Over a meticulous twelve-week period, a concerted effort has been invested in refining the user experience. Diverse user cohorts, each with unique needs, have been a focal point, prompting a deliberate effort to establish common ground. Workshops, drawing inspiration from effective design methodologies such as Design Sprint, were instrumental in identifying and resolving user-centric challenges. The project unfolds methodically, marked by a step-by-step progression and punctuated with weekly engagements with stakeholders to solicit feedback. The development journey involved the creation and testing of wireframes and prototypes across varied user demographics, with rapid adjustments made based on user input.


A singular focus on simplifying the acquisition of household items, cars, tools, and home hardware shaped the evolution of the application. Improvements in navigation and purchasing processes had a cascading impact on the overall app design, culminating in a streamlined user experience that resonated positively with our users. The current iteration stands as a refined and user-friendly application. Ongoing involvement in further development, including the creation of a web version of the mobile app, remains a priority.


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