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Appva serves as a pivotal tool for thousands of healthcare practitioners daily, marking a transformative stride in the realm of medical technology. Their latest flagship product set to revolutionize healthcare connectivity, is currently in production, and it has been developed in collaboration with industry leaders, including workshops with Apple. The app provides a seamless platform for healthcare professionals, enabling them to connect, share insights, and access critical medical information in real-time. The task was to redesign an old app and we had workshops with Apple's UX team to refine the user interface by addressing unique challenges faced by healthcare practitioners as well as adhering to their Human Interface Guidelines.


Our aim was to craft designs with Apple Business Team that were not only visually appealing but also intuitively functional, leveraging cutting-edge technologies for innovative solutions. Through iterative refinement, we ensured the final design was robust and adaptable.


The singular focus of the project revolves around streamlining medical data exchange, facilitating seamless communication among healthcare professionals, and ultimately improving patient outcomes. Our efforts have resulted in a sophisticated, user-friendly application poised to make a significant impact on the daily practices of medical professionals. As we currently navigate the production phase, our team remains steadfast in refining and optimizing the application to meet the stringent standards of the medical community. Ongoing collaboration with industry leaders, including Apple, underscores our commitment to delivering a medtech solution that transcends expectations.

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