Redesigning how Swedes commute


Halland, Jönkoping, Kronoberg, Kalmar


UI Designer




Public transport


I wanted to pitch the invisible ticket where commuters would get on buses and trains etc and get off when needed. Their phone can notify them that they have travelled from A to B, and can they confirm that was the case.


The project adhered to an iterative framework, characterized by weekly synchronization sessions with stakeholders. These sessions served as forums for the scrutiny of modifications and the solicitation of feedback to inform subsequent actions. The principal output of the initiative comprised wireframes and prototypes subject to recurrent user testing. Participant selection transcended regional boundaries to ensure alignment with diverse local conditions. Subsequent to user feedback, the application underwent rapid iterations. The strategic focus of the initiative centered on addressing the fundamental requirements of the traveler—specifically, the seamless transition from one point to another. This necessitated the facilitation of navigation and ticket procurement processes within the application, considerations universally applicable across all domains.


This was the first project in around 5 years where I was an Individual Contributor - finding out the correct "height" to be at was a weekly task. I couldn't debug the project which was flawed from the outset (12 stakeholders will do that!) but I couldn't just stay at the detail level. Using retros, and daily checkins with my UX Lead and Researcher meant that we manage to ship something that we were proud of.

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